Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ready For $262-a-Barrel Oil?

If the House of Saud fell, and Arabia became Bin Laden's Arabia, that could drive the price of oil that high, according to two of the world's most powerful financiers. Other scenarios exist that could drive the price of oil into three figures, though none as devastating as the fall of the House of Saud would be.

Now let's consider sources. One of them is George Soros, who tried twice to influence American elections without success, and who once manipulated another country's currency to serve some twisted power-tripping end of his. Is this just more of the same from him? Probably.

But am I complacent about the price of oil? No. I'd like to see the development of some real alternatives--not so much sun and wind power, that are effective only locally, but nuclear power and widespread use of fuel cells. If we could just get some projections from more credible sources, then news like this might be the needed spur for such development.


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