Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton Blast Bush at King Service

Not only that, but so did Former President James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr., and The Rev. Joseph Lowery, co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference--though calling themselves Christian is a clear misnomer now.

Picture this: the President of the United States had to sit there and take, without protest, the worst personal abuse ever hurled at anyone in a public place. "Weapons of Misdirection!" cried Lowery. "For war, more billions, but no mo' for the po'!" (How about that--he lapses into stereotypical Blackspeak.) Carter's dubious contribution consisted of talking about how the Kings were subject to unwarranted surveillance--though Carter forgot to mention that the order came from none other than Attorney General and future Senator Robert Francis Kennedy.

Fine. So you guys all think that Bush is a jerk--and you're willing to say it in front of his dad, in front of his wife, and in front of the whole country. But what kind of jerks heap personal abuse on a fellow guest at a funeral? Have you no respect for the dead?

Rush Limbaugh called these the Paul Wellstone moments. (Sean Hannity resurrected some old sound clips of Tom Harkin yelling at the top of his lungs, "For Paul Wellstone, will you stand up and fight for [various and sundry liberal programs]? Say yes!") But at least no Republican was present at Paul Wellstone's funeral. (At least I don't think they were--Republicans probably wouldn't get into journalism school, did they dignify such institutions with an application for admission.) These jerks said this directly to the face of the President, in the presence of former Presidents--and one of the jerks is a former President himself.

Remember this in the midterm elections.


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