Monday, July 10, 2006

OpinionJournal - Conservatives and Immigration

Or rather: what The Wall $treet Journal thinks will convince you that a totally open border, with admission without regard to whether anyone is willing to commit to the American ideal, is a good idea for America and the world. They also append this document, rather like a petition, bearing a lot of famous names associated with the right.

Well, they don't speak for me, and their analysis is woefully incomplete. Like the typical businessmen that they are, they don't believe in independent countries. Neither do they realize just how dangerous the one-world federation for which their policies would pave the way, would be.

They must be answering the opposition to their open-border pitch, appearing not only in WorldNetDaily but also in Investors Business Daily. They are also being defensive--clearly. Their entire editorial is one answer after another to criticism of their editorial stance. Those answers vary from wishful thinking to outright lies. (For example: they state that illegal aliens are not flocking to La Raza rallies. Oh, yeah? They certainly are, and the Minutemen saw them!)

Congratulations, sportsfans. You've just put an old-line paper, read more by senior business executives and corporate and corporate-group directors than by individual investors and ordinary workingmen, on the defensive. Keep it up.


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